Apparently, men are always going to shoot their shots…


Hey My Loves!

Happy Friday!!!  I wanted to post this on hump day because what better day than hump day to talk about exposed penises (LOL) but it didn’t happen.  Still recuperating from my mini get-away.

But the topic has been on my mind and a topic of conversation now for the last week between me, IG followers, female and male friends and random strangers.  After posting a story about an IG stranger who supposedly, accidentally and/or didn’t mean to send me a dick shot (as he said) everyone chimed in to share their thoughts.

Let me give you some background, even though my IG has been public for some time,  recently I have been bombarded by random men hitting me up to be friends. No biggie.

Sometimes I don’t entertain these men but at other times, I guess out of boredom, I engage in conversation always with the hope that it could potentially lead to an intelligent exchange.  Why in the world would I think that? Really Lola?!?

So this guy hit me up on IG, supposedly from Europe.  Piqued my interest as I hope to travel to Europe at some point and figured I could gain some travel tips and/or useful information.  It was just friendly chatting.  And I always made sure my responses were friendly and straightforward – leaving no room misinterpretations and/or innuendos.

Of course that didn’t last long.  Too good to be true.  One day he just started expressing how sexy he thought I was,  my lips, my body blah blah, etc. etc.  In my head I already knew where this was going so I cut the convo short and stopped answering.

The next morning he greeted me and this is the conversation that ensued (almost verbatim).

Him: I woke up thinking about my sexy Lola.

Me: Ok

Him: Do you want to see what you do to me?

Me:  I do not.  Please do NOT send me naked picture.

Him:   LOL. Okay.  I wasn’t. How are you?

Me: Good thanks and you?

Him: Why not?

Me: I’ve no desire to see dick shots.

Him: Insert dick shot here.

Me: Wow.   Really smh.

Him: I’m sorry I didn’t mean to send it.

(Insert scratching chin emoji here).  He proceeded to apologize profusely while at the same time definitely was making light of it.  Annoying. Needless to say I blocked him.

But then it got me thinking.  A lot.  About dick shots.  Like what made him feel that it was ok to send it. After I specifically asked him not to.  Did he get some type of pleasure from sending it? Was I supposed to like it? Say I wanted it? Ask for more?  Like what? So I posted an IG rant and I got responses from males and females and this is blog is a product of that.

I am thinking that because penises protrude from their bodies, men just feel an uncontrollable need to just stick it out.  One friend (female) stated she didn’t really think the dick shots are for the receiver.  It’s really for the sender.  The sender could probably give two shits whether or not the receiver sees it, but the dude gets pleasure from merely unzipping his pants and setting it free. There is satisfaction to be had in the unknown reaction of the receiver.  Makes sense.

One male alluded to the fact that perhaps I invited it, maybe in my naiveté that I could have a completely, platonic, adult conversation on IG with a random stranger?!?!  Ok maybe I was being naive.  But that’s like saying that it was the victim’s fault she got raped for what she wore!! Ridiculous.

Listen I know the internet is a cesspool of looney bins and pervs but at the same time it is a part of our society and its mechanics.  People use it to stay connected to friends and family, meet people, network, sell a brand, build a business.  So is it completely ludicrous for me to think that it is possible to engage in non-lewd conversations?  Apparently.

Another interesting take is that sending penis shots is 2020’s version of street flashers. LOL! I thought that was hysterical and probably true.  Think about it unless they get caught they just go on flashing, just as I am thinking my IG flasher has quite possibly flashed many more since me and I have not been giving a second thought.

Then there is the question “Are there women out there that enjoy penis shots?”  Is it possible since women are always talking about loving the big one, wanting the huge one, that men flashing is their way of possibly getting rejected softly?

Rather than meeting in person they shoot the shot and if the female doesn’t like it, she will go away. The man can then go ahead and make up any excuse in his head as to why she disappeared and it doesn’t hurt the ego.  Unless of course she blatantly says “that’s all you got?” Ouch!

What I can tell you flashers is that most of the women that shared their thoughts with me, do NOT want random penis shots.  It’s distasteful and gross and think about it, if you have daughters, sisters, nieces or even moms, they could the one getting the random dick shot.  So a little self control goes a long way.

This meme was hysterical. Amazing what you find on the internet.

Perhaps I am being prudish in my old age, but for me, the shot has more impact if it’s within the context of a relationship with someone who is trying to seduce me mentally first and then physically.  A little flirting, a little mental foreplay and tasteful shots can make some serious magic happen. LOL.

And I mean in the end, like a dear friend said, men ultimately don’t want a woman, they want a vagina.  Penises want vaginas.  Sometimes they find one they want so badly, they’ll ultimately take the body attached to it, too.  polarbearpenis

So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised about the penis shots.  Another attempt on the part of the man to get to the vagina without doing any of the hard work.  And I am thinking that out of 10 shots a man takes, it’s quite possible that at least 1 may stick (no pun intended) and I mean I guess if I was a guy I would take those odds, too!

That’s all I got. I am thinking we will never truly know why!

Thanks for stopping by my loves!  Thank you to all those of you who shared their thoughts with me!

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I linked this article because I thought it was pretty interesting. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: As you can tell I switched up between the use of “dick” and “penis” in this post.  No reason whatsoever. I just liked the way each sounded at different points!


One thought on “Apparently, men are always going to shoot their shots…

  1. I can’t help but think that unsolicited dick pics/public exposure is just a modern version of grabbing a girl’s ass in the playground, etc – he knows she doesn’t like or want it, and really that’s the point: to force a girl who has the audacity not to be interested in him sexually into having no choice but to deal with him on a sexual level. (1) The average man’s biggest fear is being invisible/irrelevant to women. (2) Think about the kid in school who misbehaves chronically because negative attention is better than no attention at all. For a lot of these dudes, I think the dick pic is the equivalent of at least getting negative attention from a woman who was otherwise going to ignore them.


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